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Dear Investor:

Now is the time for you to profit with a unique investment system that points you directly to the best mutual funds for the future. And not just funds that topped last year's rankings, but funds and strategies that will help secure your future.

The system to beat the system is the inspired creative genius of Norman G. Fosback, and is the foundation of Fosbacks Fund Forecaster. Over the the last quarter-century Norm Fosback has advised more investors about their mutual fund investments than any other independent expert in America!

His remarkable new advisory letter, which is now offered at a half-price charter subscriber rate (including a FREE issue), gives you the future-oriented guidance you need, and deserve. It is built around the the system to beat the system. Stock funds, bond funds, money funds it's a treasure, and you get it all.

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Become a Charter Subscriber now and you will receive these three special bonus:

#1 - Funds of the Decade. What are the best funds to buy now for the next ten years? This special report reveals Fosbacks picks - his top high-performance choices to build capital for education or retirement.

#2 - 80 Cents on the Dollar. Learn how to buy funds at steep discounts below their net asset values, and discover a fund selection system that produces consistently superior rewards for savvy investors.

#3 - Profit Projections. Where are your equity funds headed? Will they be winners or losers over the next year? How about the next five years? And what about risk? We have the answers. Based on our proprietary model, which integrates our market forecast with factors unique to each fund, we give you the best possible estimate of each fund's return over the next 1 and 5 years, and it's risk, too!  Do not buy another domestic equity fund until you check out its Profit Projection and Risk Rating.

As you know, the stock market boom badly derailed. But it is not over. Sophisticated investors understand that the price decline after the enormously profitable bull market run of the 1990s was the inevitable correction of financial excesses, principally in the tech sector, and scandalous corporate malfeasance that led to massive earnings overstatements.

But here is where we are now: (1) Stock values are the best in several years. (2) Baby boomers have more than a decade of heavy investing before retirement. (3) Investment money will inevitably continue to pour into 401k and other pension plans. (4) Congress has enacted new tax incentives to stimulate even greater retirement and education investments, with higher IRA allowances and tax-advantaged 529 education plans.

Here is How You will be a Winning Fund Investor

As the founding editor/creator of ten investment publications, including Mutual Fund Forecaster and Mutual Funds Magazine, Norman G. Fosback has guided more investors with more action-oriented advice than any mutual fund expert in history. Now, you will now join Mr. Fosbacks newest and most exciting creation as a Charter Subscriber.

Mr. Fosback's system to beat the system starts with a scientific computation of each fund's One-Year and Five-Year Profit Projection, the best forecasts of its future performance. Next, the system determines each fund's Risk Rating, which tells you at a glance its relative risk of loss compared to every other fund.

Then Mr. Fosback integrates each fund's Profit Projections and Risk Rating to determine its appropriate Action Advice. The funds with the highest Profit Projections in a particular Risk Rating category earn a "Buy" recommendation", and the funds with the lowest Profit Projections in the same risk group are marked "Avoid". The very best funds are awarded "Best Buys" and require your immediate investment attention. 

Finally, Fosback combines the best-of-the-best into specific recommended Model Portfolios, designed for investors and traders with different growth and income goals, ranging from ultra-aggressive growth to conservative income.

The bottom line for you is the investment system that puts you in the right funds at the right time to meet your investment goal -- the system to beat the system.

Specifically . . . How Will You Benefit?

Here are just a few of the many ways you will profit from every exciting issue of this extraordinary and all-new investment advisory letter, made available to you with privileged and completely confidential access on the internet:

Secure Your Retirement - Practical and immensely valuable advice on how to structure your portfolios to build capital for your retirement - and then keep it.

Tax Tactics - Its not how much money you make that counts, its what you keep after taxes. Fosback's Fund Forecaster gives you the kind of sharp-edged tax advice you need to maximize your take-home profits in the investment world.

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Profit Projections - 1-Year and 5-Year performance forecasts for individual mutual funds, based on the formula created by Mr. Fosback. So you can anticipate expected returns on funds before you buy, as well as on funds already in your portfolio.

Risk Ratings - An objective risk assessment of individual funds. So you know the downside potential of what you own or before you buy.

"Best Buy" Recommendations - This amazing advisory combines the Profit Projections and Risk Ratings to identify the very best funds for you and for your specific reward-risk requirement. Featuring the "Best Buys" in every investment category:

  1. High-risk high-potential stock funds.

  2. Medium-risk stock funds.

  3. Low-risk stock funds.

  4. High-yield bond funds.

  5. High-quality corporate and government bond funds.

  6. Short and intermediate-maturity bond funds.

  7. Tax-free funds.

  8. Money market funds.

  9. Closed-end funds.

  10. Special-situation funds.

Model Portfolios - Designed to provide prudent selections and diversification for investors and traders with wide-ranging goals, from aggressive growth to retirement income.

Continuous Follow-ups - You will never be left in doubt, holding a recommended fund, wondering what to do.

Funds to Avoid - Be honest. Many funds dont give you the return and risk qualities you need. We identify these funds for you with specific "Avoid" recommendations.

Seasonality Recommendations - Ideal for switch-fund traders and complete with specific fund recommendations, the Fosback Timing System signals buy-sell switches keyed to specific daily, weekly, and other recurring patterns in the market. All backed by decades of research plus real-time investment results.

Fosbacks Mutual Fund Directory - A comprehensive reference library featuring Profit Projections, Risk Ratings, performances, our Buy-Sell-Hold-Avoid recommendation, loads, tax and cost analysis, and much more for all of our "Select List" equity funds.

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Fosbacks Fund Forecaster gives you the future-directed investment advice you need. Best of all, you can be a Charter Subscriber to this exciting investment advisory now, take advantage of half-price charter discounts, and receive the current issue and bonuses free. The $200-a-year nominal subscription rate is now cut to $9.95-a-month for Charter Subscriptions. And this almost half-price discount carries forward to all Charter Subscription renewals -- guaranteed!

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Your Charter Subscription is guaranteed tax-deductible as an investment expense under IRS Sections 67 and 212 to the extent that miscellaneous itemized deductions exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income. It is also fully tax-deductible as a business expense by most corporations under Section 162. This slashes your discounted Charter Subscriber rate even more, to just pennies a day for unsurpassed money-making advice.

So scroll up to the Half-Price Charter Subscriber form, and put the system to beat the system to work for you now. Thank you.